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Writing Workshop/ Atelier d’écriture – Ruth Druart

                                   Dimanche 7 Mai à 14h

Writing workshop in English – atelier d’écriture en anglais 

                                 Au Chapeau Rouge, Avignon

Characters are People Too: How to Make Your Reader and your Characters Bond

What makes the reader want to spend time with your characters? How can you get a reader to really feel them and to care about their world and what happens to them in it?
This workshop focuses on ways to get inside your character’s head to bring them alive on the page. With guided exercises, you’ll learn to ‘show’ your characters’ desires, dreams, fears and flaws, rather than ‘telling’ the reader what to feel.

With Best selling Author Ruth Druart

In English/en Anglais

25 et 34 Rue du Chapeau Rouge
84000 Avignon

Tarif: 10 € (Minimum 10 people/personnesGratuit / Réservation conseillée