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Playing & Writing

Dimanche 24 Avril
De 14h à 17h
Atelier en anglais

For new & seasoned writers alike, this workshop delves into exercises, games, and tools that engage the “play” of playwriting. Participants will write a monologue (or two!), and leave with a variety of play-making exercises to get them started on their own 10-minute play. They will also have a chance to hear their writing out loud, “perform” fellow participants’ words, and form a creative community built on curiosity and mutual support.

Facilitated by Maizy Broderick Scarpa of Bloom Creativity.

    • Atelier d’écriture théâtrale en anglais
      Bon niveau d’anglais requis
      Durée : 3h
      Tarifs : Plein – 15 euros / Réduit – 8 euros
      Réservations : ou

    • Théâtre Au Chapeau Rouge
      34 rue du Chapeau Rouge
      84000 Avignon